"Use Woe to Grow"



Why does trauma happen? What makes us tick? How do we "Get Over It!"? 

I talk with experts about moving from survivor2thriver after traumatic experiences, and with folks who are living it.



For me, merely surviving trauma was an isolating and lonely experience, but human beings can't thrive alone. Here you can find resources to help you rebuild the thriving metropolis of your emotional Capital.


My Story


survivors2thrivers has been born from my own experience of surviving a car wreck and waking up from a coma in 2001 alone in a strange hospital room — I was lost and afraid, and over the next many years, frustration became my life. I tried every medical, holistic, and alternative treatment imaginable, but I lived in an unreasonably constant fear and agitation. I wished I could find joy and engagement with life.

I wanted so badly to feel alive, but I felt straightjacketed by something I couldn’t seem to grasp or understand. I could have deep conversations, but couldn’t sit with myself. I craved friends, but was unwilling to be a friend. I wanted so badly to be in love, but wouldn’t love myself. I graduated college Cum Laude and had great job prospects, but my heart was suffocating. The substance of my life had no substance. I drank my sadness to silence and tearlessly cried my way through the world.

This is not a woe-is-me story. I’m sharing my journey through what I’ve learned is PTSD with hopes that it will help others find their way. This is a launchpad from which we shed our fears and our stuckness, and ultimately find more life in our lives. Let us all become survivors2thrivers.