Thanksgiving Gratitude in 3 Steps

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, a day for giving thanks! 

Here's a quick and easy gratitude practice I learned about recently that I really enjoy, in 3 quick steps:

1.  Express gratitude for something/anything.

2. Express gratitude for something obscurely related number 1. 

3. Express gratitude for something you might normally overlook, again related to number 1.


Here's a personal example! 

My wife and I are going to the mountains for this holiday, so...

1. I'm grateful I get to spend this holiday in the mountains!

2. I'm grateful for the people who paved the road we're driving on, and that they chose  to do it alongside a river with so many gorgeous views!

3. I'm grateful for asphal! This would be a difficult drive on a dirt road.


That's it! Quick and easy.  

If you like this exercise, share about it below and pass it on :)