Memorial of a fighter for TBI Social Justice

Dear Friends,  

I haven’t posted here in an unforgivably long time. 

There have always been reasons and excuses. Maybe my words haven’t felt “good enough,” or maybe I was feeling ashamed of not having posted before, and the shame of not having posted manifests as more shame, as I didn’t post another draft. Shame creates more shame; isolation creates more isolation.

I have to start back up somewhere, at some time, or nothing would ever happen. 

So; as now — this moment — is always the only place there’s any causal control, I’m going to start by posting about a Memorial Service that is being held for Tommy Manning. 

I honestly don’t know much about him personally, and I never met him. What I do know was that Tommy Manning had a TBI (traumatic brain injury), and impacted legislators enough to get them to pass “The Tommy Manning Act”:

According to the link above, “The intent of the statute is to bring together expertise from the public and private sectors to address the needs and gaps in services for this population.” 

This Act dedicated $2 from every moving traffic violation to support TBI survivors.

This is particularly huge because one of the most significant challenges for survivors of TBI is finding the resources (financial, emotional, interpersonal, etc) to get the care they need.

Without The Tommy Manning Act, there would be no Brain Injury Alliance of Washington, and this was among the first organizations that helped me to find support for recovery from my injury. 

In the light of support for all survivors of TBI, I thought it would be important to share the details of his memorial service.

1962 - 2018

Recognizing that there was a dire lack of resources and support for individuals with Brain Injury, Tommy contacted his local state representative, Dennis Flannigan. Tommy and Representative Flannigan developed a collaborative relationship, which resulted in the signing of the Tommy Manning Act (RCW 74.31.060) in May of 2007. This Act is named after Tommy for his determined advocacy for its passage and improvement in services for people with Brain Injury.

The Tommy Manning Act addresses issues related to TBI and ensures funding through a two-dollar fee imposed for traffic violations. These funds support TBI services throughout the state of Washington, including the Washington TBI Resource Center, Support Groups, The Annual TBI Conference, Military Support, and other programs that work to mitigate the disabling effects that Brain Injury has on people. Tommy Manning is one man whose dedication has ensured that thousands of other individuals are able to attain the highest quality of life living with Brain Injury.

Information on Memorial Services:

When: Friday, November 9th from 2:00-4:00pm.

Star Center
3873 S 66th St
Tacoma, WA 98409

The invitation to acknowledge Tommy's legacy and pay your respects is open to all.