How to How

There's so much information out there. 

There are so many people who can help.

I don't know about you, but people keep telling me to stop being Afraid. Or, to Allow the Fear and do it anyway. 

Fear is crippling.

Fear is paralyzing.

So, what to do?

Learn to laugh at fear?

Yes, that's something I've come to through healing, and I'm not sure it's so easy.

There are layers in the way. Layers to sift through.

In my own more recent recovery efforts, to finally get on my with life, I heard one of the more recent Bliss and Grit (37-40... Self-Compassion to Identity Crisis) episodes and found a sentiment that got touched on and not necessarily addressed: TRUST. 

For me, it has been important for my Self and the Self to reestablish their TRUST in each other. The Self is the pureness, the wholeness of absolute Trust. In my experience with TBI/coma/PTSD, and the healing and spiritual journey of life, I find value in healing and rebuilding TRUST between my Self and the Self as it exists in the brain and nervous system.

For me, this is key to getting through an Identity Crisis.

This requires rest. When you realize you've stumbled into something epic and you want to run away with your ideas, take them with a grain of salt, and take a NAP.

Napping is a forgotten art. 

And in my not-legally-binding experience as a survivor of brain injury, I cannot more strongly recommend brainwave Biofeedback.

Meditation. Yoga. Quiet. Napping. Brain Injury is like having a flickering light bulb. These things have helped me and my brain stay in harmony with each other. My Scared Brain is mine, but it's not who I am.

Maybe in another post I'll talk about Fascia. I'm not a Doctor, but I grew up learning about fascia at the dinner table from Dr. Dad's daily adventures building his practice and skill sets. 

If anything in this post has resonated for you, please feel free to share and post below!

Thanks and have a beautiful day!