This is

This is new, after all

It's built on being

Good to ourselves.


Isn’t it ironic that

I keep needing to do more. And 

I keep getting distracted 

by The World, with all

its things that want

my focus.


“I don’t have much of that!”

comes the fragile scoff, but 

then again,

pain like that becomes

the lens of your life — the one

your skull holds, in front

of your mind’s eye


it’s bound to pop-up

like whack-a-mole, every

once now and then 

isn’t it?


There seem to be 

spaces in my 

consciousness through which

time goes away


and something deeper than self

decides it needs a break

and the fear of senility opens

the gap


This certain kind of 

internal awareness needs 

a certain kind of 

external stability


in order to create

the safe spaces 

that allow life to

cultivate its fire


I am

a triple air sign

born on groundhog day

highly sensitive person

blown around and

caught in the sails of 

a Scared Brain


The structural being 

physically assaulted

by the case that swore 

to protect it when

it came into this world


I’m asked what this is

and it will be shown, blossoming

out of the things we

don't know how to talk about

artfully and 



As much as this is about me

this is about you too. 


This is about raising the bar.