What is Trauma? What is survivors2thrivers all about?

Trauma is simply a deeply distressing experience. Most people have experienced trauma in some regard. Post Traumatic Stress can happen from the same events, but the felt experience, and the remembered experience, is much different. 

Post Traumatic Stress is the result of an experience that shakes our sense of security so much that our sense of personal safety is affected long after the stressful threat has resolved.

In my experience, traumatic stress is like a deep internal crack in the walls of the metaphorical Well of Free Will. When the initial traumatizing event happens and the waters drain from the Well, it doesn’t seem to refill. I felt an unreliable and diminishing sense of control, and a diminished ability to influence my direction in life. 

Combine that with the mental fogginess of a TBI (traumatic brain injury), and even basic everyday behaviors, like socializing, or more importantly, thinking, were debilitating. 

Surviving is about refusing to give up despite this debilitation. 

I don’t want that to be my destiny. I’m confronting the symptoms of my experience and documenting it here on survivors2thrivers.org

My goal is to develop my personal Agency, what I’m calling the Agency of Free Will. 

This is what Thriving is all about.  

My hope is that this site becomes a resource for others to make the transition from survivors2thrivers, and help people all over the world develop their own personal Agency of Free Will.