PoEx 1

A lot of resistance is coming up. 
Motion is chaos when
Stability is challenging.

Starting and stopping
Enthusiasm revolves
With the Horizon.

Pick something today
Then tomorrow arrives fresh
With its own agenda. 

What am I to do
To move forward with my life? 
Join a Spirit Quest? 

Start a new degree? 
Choose a thrilling career? And
There's the Horizon

Turning a new day
Right before my eyes, and so
we'll see tomorrow

What the day will bring.
It's so exhausting, living, 
being distraction. 

But, on it goes, I
Suppose they say is the way
For making anew.

Because it's all in
What you produce for others
I'm doing this now.

No matter the name
Or what the doctors call it;
I must rearrange

Everything behind
A singular goal or drive; 
And so I start off

To make something that
Speaks to people, in a way
that communicates 

Truth. Helping people
Lift themselves into thoughtful
Life experience.

Discerning your Truth.
Accepting reality
Fully as it is.

Moving with grace, and
Living thoughtful presence, and
Being who you are.