3 - I believe

I believe... people are inherently good and want to do right by other people too. 

I believe... sometimes people face such overwhelming situations that they give into powerlessness completely. This can come from a huge variety of situations and experiences.

I believe... there's never a right time to get started other than Right Now. Right Now is an organization with similar values to survivors2thrivers. Right Now is the only time anything can happen anyway.

I believe... nothing starts the way you want it to finish. If you've heard my podcasts, you might imagine I have way bigger dreams for survivors2thrivers.org than exists now.

I believe... the first step in moving forward with anything is recognizing, accepting, and grieving change.

I believe... change can be scary. Just look at the polarization in American politics today. survivors2thrivers.org is not a political site. The principles and values of survivors2thrivers are human. This link is only an example.

I believe... we share a fundamentally human connection.

I believe... we're all in this together.

I believe... we don't know how to talk about pain. I'm not talking about regular pain, as in, "this" hurts. I'm talking about deep, soul-shaking, traumatic pain.

I believe... this can help war vets, victims of domestic violence, and victims of all sorts of traumatic, soul-shaking experiences.

I believe... there is so much to say about this topic that I couldn't possibly say it all in one post, yet I have to start somewhere if I want this to go anywhere.