Experience 1

After 15 months of somatic experiencing, connecting my symptomatology with the diagnosis of PTSD, and about 10 sessions of EMDR, I'm becoming more engaged with my felt sense.

I'm reflecting about the settling sensation of being present in my felt sense. Exhaling discovers a deepness that feels like my attention has been in a vice grip and the crank is finally loosening. 

I believe that's hypervigilance. At least, that's how it shows up for me. 

In recognizing it, I now get to choose my response. Lots of emotions come up about it, including anger and fear, but the one that helps me build a future I want to live into is to thank my nervous system for wanting to keep me safe. Forget about wanting, it has been successful. Great job, nervous system, for a job well done!  

Cheers and Gratitude to all our nervous systems for wanting the best for us.